Lifelong learner and Spanish tutor with excellent communication skills demonstrated by more than 25 years of teaching experience. Bachelor degree in Español y Lenguas (Spanish and Languages Pedagogy ) Universidad Pedagógica Nacional - Bogotá, Colombia and Master in Applied Linguistics in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language - Institut Metropolitat - Barcelona, Spain and Master in Applied Linguistics in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Universidad de Jaén - Jaén Spain. Extensive travel study and residence experience across Spain and Colombia. Lessons are guided by a communicative and meaningful approach. Students are given every opportunity to practise communicating. This done by the careful selection of material and activities, which are often used to practise real - life situations involving social interaction. All levels and Spanish Language Examinations preparation. (DELE) "Open the doors to communicate with around 400 million Spanish speakers, to enjoy Spanish music, literature, film and theatre, to travel and meet new friends. Spanish opens a whole new world to you.."


Spanish as a Foreign Language. All Levels from Beginners to Advanced (CEFR)

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