​A teacher with 19 years of experience! Support my pupils and students to make them fully responsible and creative citizens of the world, able to forge and express their opinions with respect for others, to develop their unique talents and to adapt to the continuous changes of the world: this is my only goal. As a teacher, my responsibility is encouraging scientific reflection in the construction of knowledge with productive dialogues and research-based teaching, where interactions between students are built in a collaborative and cooperative manner. Reflection, investigation and curiosity are at the core values of my educational philosophy. I strive to help prepare a community of lifelong learners who can become involved in global challenges through inquiry, action and discovery. Using the flipped classroom and teamwork technique, I am confident that through active engagement students can go beyond their current knowledge. Teaching and learning must reflect the needs of the students, emphasize cooperation and collaboration, provide a personalized level of difficulty and produce complex tasks suitable for their level . I use appropriate tablets, applications and websites daily not only to make the work of each student as personalized as possible, so that they can receive quick and immediate feedback, but also to make group work more cooperative and fun with the help of gamification (games area, mental calculation challenge, quiz, classcraft, desmos, etc.) I try to install in my students the love of learning, to encourage them to be creative and critical thinkers. The error being only formative while avoiding to build walls between subjects: mathematics, physical sciences, computer sciences are wonderful tools which offer the best investigations and reflections when combined together. Finally, I would like to introduce the concept of internationalism in my teaching: mathematics as well as science represents a very complex language forged by different civilizations around the world and at all times. They quickly became a "Weaving" of elements, a bit like the weft of a fabric, or the stitches of a handmade knitting ... Teaching mathematics means not only taking an interest in different ways ​​of teaching but also demonstrates how they are transmitted in different cultures. I strongly encourage my students to overcome borders and sharpen their international sensitivity and curiosity every day.

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